Polygon Impact Care Center

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Welcome to the Polygon Impact Care Center!

Are you a visionary startup founder within the blockchain space, striving to make a positive impact on the world? Scaling your initiative in the blockchain realm can be a daunting challenge. That's where we come in.

The Polygon Impact Care Center is a collaborative effort between Polygon Labs and Impact Plus, designed specifically to empower impact-driven startups building on Polygon. Our mission is to provide you with the essential resources and support you need to thrive in the fast-paced world of International Development. Apply here:

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The Polygon Impact Care Center serves as a dynamic hub for startups, providing a central platform for them to explore diverse opportunities. Entrepreneurs can tap into a wealth of resources here, including insights into funding possibilities, MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning) training, chances for networking with like-minded innovators, and expert technical support and mentoring as required. Our core mission is to bolster impact-driven projects built on Polygon, facilitating their growth and scalability.

Target Audience

Builders on Polygon who are focusing on Social or Environmental Impact.



International Development

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of international development, gaining access to valuable resources, including reports, benchmarks, and the latest developments. Our aim is to ensure you achieve meaningful impact efficiently by following internationally accepted frameworks.



Overcome funding challenges with our high-quality sessions and resources designed to help startups strategically write grant proposals, identify grant opportunities, and secure the necessary funding for scaling your ventures. Equip yourself with expertise and discover relevant funding opportunities.



MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning) is a powerful methodology for effective project management. This track offers startups tailored measurement tools to articulate their impact, enhance ethical standards, boost transparency, and secure funding from international development and humanitarian response donors.



How Does it Work

The Polygon Impact Care Center utilizes a dedicated Slack channel as its primary communication platform. Within this channel, startups gain direct access to designated representatives from Polygon and Impact Plus, as well as the opportunity to network with each other. The Slack channel includes multiple tabs housing tracks that founders and entrepreneurs can join. The Slack channel will be overseen by a designated team member of Impact Plus.

We aim to host at least two live session per month.


Eugénie Lund-Simon

Grants Specialist

Impact Plus

Stefan Renton

Sustainability Lead

Polygon Labs


Jesus Ligero

Blockchain Developer

Polygon Labs

Raquel Suarez

Senior MEAL Specialist

Impact Plus

Eduard Peris

Intl. Development Specialist

Impact Plus

Janina Petrowska

Legal Advisor, Chairwoman Bastion Cooperative & DAO




Onboarding of your startup into the PolygonImpact Care Center: This involves sharing essential docuemntation from your startup, conducting interviews, organizing meetings with your team, and finalizing agreement for technical collaboration.


Evaluating through Methodology Application: Gain insights on MEAL and the unique value blockchain through our assessment tools:

  • B-IMpact Tool: Assess your startup’s capacity and scope in MEAL, Sustainability and Technology
  • I-BVAT Tool: Determine the value-add that blockchain brings to your solution.


Creation of an Action plan and Recommendations: Development of a tailored Action Plan based on the methodology assessment, complete with recommendations for enhancement.


Technical support to apply to International Development and Humanitarian Response Donors (USAID) :

  • Implement activities from the Action Plan including specific training
  • Monitor, Evaluate and Refine: Continuosly track your startup’s advancement, assess its performance, and iteratively incorporate learnings to optimize progress.

Re-Evaluation of Your Start-up: Refining the action plan based on methodology outcomes and donor needs.


Implementation phase of the updated Action Plan and recomendations:

  • Assist in the execution of the Action Plan’s activites.
  • Monitor and evaluate the ongoing improvements in your startup


Final Evaluation and Reflection:

Concluding the technical support, we’ll assess your startup’s growth in the Impact Care Program, capturing key learning and bet practises and summarizing our assistance.

Who We Are

Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs began with outrageously ambitious builders from diverse backgrounds with the grit, tenacity, and belief in the ability of a small organization to collaborate with the community to provide impactful change.

Impact Plus

The team at Impact Plus possesses a robust humanitarian background and extensive expertise in international development, coupled with a profound understanding of the web3 space. We are committed to driving tangible change in communities across the world in an ethical and professional manner.

More to follow:

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We're committed to transparency and integrity. For compliance concerns, email us at compliance@impact-plus.io. Your reports will remain confidential and promptly investigated to ensure a safe environment.